Are Ghosts Real?

This article will come nowhere near answering that question. In fact, I should probably warn you now that this question will be an ongoing theme every once in a while.

The past few years I’ve been interviewing people that have had “ghosts” experiences, doing my own research and visiting several “haunted” locations.

For years I’ve been vigorously looking into this topic; trying to find at least some level of truth or evidence behind it. Because it’s important. Anyone that doesn’t think that evidence of ghosts matters is basically saying it doesn’t matter if we understand other possible dimensions and possible answers behind our existence, where we’re going, and so on. I could go on forever about why it matters. But if you’re reading this… I’m sure you already realize it matters.

Unfortunately, I’m still at a point where I don’t know what is truly real and what I believe. I want ghosts to be real. Or something like a ghost. I’ve had experiences that I’d like to believe are forms of tangible evidence, but nothing has been so solid and clear enough that I can completely get on board.

At the same time, there’s been enough evidence to keep my search and curiosity open.

I meant to upload a “Haunted Vlog” this past Wednesday. The truth is I experienced an anxiety attack while editing it. I’m sure that sounds dramatic to some of you. There are several reasons behind this reaction. At the top of this list: The death of my mother has affected how I feel about “ghosts” more than anything in my life. This is my first “Haunted Vlog” since her death.

It also, coincidentally, was recorded the day after the one year anniversary since her death.

There are several other elements of this video and my personal experience that only I would understand for how it could set off such an intense emotional reaction. It’s not worth sharing and to be honest some of it is too personal to share.

I still plan to upload this video. It’s a “Haunted Vlog” of the McCune Mansion. Recorded at Carlie & Jackson’s wedding (The Wood Wedding). There are honestly a lot of fun little bits with some popular YouTube friends. But there’s also the typical search for… more.

In the meantime, check out this very old “Haunted Vlog” I did with Jason Horton almost 5 years ago!

Let’s be very transparent: How I approach my “Haunted Vlogs” and “Real Ghost Stories” interviews significantly changed after I found out my mother was sick. I was always curious about death, ghosts and the afterlife. But once I knew it was coming close to the most important person in the world to me – the entertainment aspect was much less important than finding the TRUTH. And I realized there might be people feeling like me out there. People that care about being honest about the subject to find a real understanding of something that seems impossible to understand or even believe.

For those people, and myself, I stopped caring MORE about entertainment than the realness. I mean for the videos that are meant to be REAL. I still produced clearly written and produced content meant for entertainment. But after about 3 years ago I just had to take all “Haunted Vlogs” and “Real Ghost Stories” seriously. It wasn’t a choice. It just happened. My heart wasn’t letting me do anything else.

That being said – the video above is from 5 years ago. It’s actually the FIRST “Haunted Vlog” I ever created. It is the most “produced” “Haunted Vlog” you will find on my channel. I pre-planned almost everything to make sure the video would be at least somewhat interesting and “spooky”.

My actual experience at this specific location: Not much. Jason and I thought we heard a strange animal in the distance but it was probably just an animal. Not unusual for California. Maybe this place had spooky moments for others but not for us. Or maybe we were too busy trying to make the video interesting to even notice it.

And that, my friends, is the truth.


5 thoughts on “Are Ghosts Real?

  1. Hugs Denise, I definitely believe that there are ghost and there is no way anyone can say anything to change that. Denise I know I told you about the weird things that happened at my grandfather’s place after his passing. Well I never told you the most convincing thing that happened. I would love to sit down privately with you sometime and tell you what happened that convinced me so much.

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  2. I think a lot of people are obsessed with the notion that life just ends. I do believe that spirits persist, and can even interact with the living. Just like aliens, there are way too many similar stories from all over to be a hoax! Keep up the search!


  3. Hi Denise. Just read your blog. I have to say a lot about your post and your belief about ghosts. Yes ghosts are real. I believe they exists and there is ghost world similar to our world around us but it is invisible to naked eye. I have some very scary and interesting events to share about existence of ghosts. Please share the Haunted Vlog video and continue your work so that one day you can say with firm belief that ghost are real.


  4. Ghost are real. I’ve been at the enchanted forest back in the mid 90’s. My friends and I were outside on the sidewalk when we heard someone walking toward us. We looked but couldn’t see anyone the sounds of leaves being stepped on as if someone was walking on them. Then the steps got closer and closser. Then what ever it was it picked up its pace it got louder and faster. What ever it was it must have been at least 10 feet from us but we couldn’t see anyone or thing, shoot we turned and ran. Haven’t gone back since.


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