No One Is Going To Save You

The title pertains to anything and everything. It refers to depression, grief, poverty, growing old… everything.

I’m sorry but it’s true. We were born alone and we’re going to die alone. MAYBE you’re surrounded by loved ones both when you’re born and when you die. But you, alone, did and will have that experience.

That applies to everything in between birth and death, too. Hopefully you’ll be surrounded by people that love you. Some may help. Some may cheer you on. Or maybe you’ll be physically alone and mentally disconnected throughout some of your life.

Either way; you are alone in living your life and you are alone in making sure it’s as enjoyable and long as possible.

“Help” will not save you. Help is just help. It definitely can make saving yourself easier but it’s really about what YOU do. You could have all the help in the world and still fail. You could have no one at all and be incredibly successful.

Again, this is about everything and anything. Not just money. Not just happiness. Not just your health. EVERYTHING.

Holding yourself responsible, not blaming, but letting yourself be in control of your life is the most empowering tool you could have. You can’t control everything but you CAN control your own choices, reactions and actions.

You can’t control if you have depression but you CAN control the choices you make to fight against it.

You can’t control if you got laid off from your job. You CAN control applying to other jobs that you might love way more than that one.

I know it’s not easy and I know it can be frustrating to read. Don’t let it make you feel guilty. Let it make you feel like the world is in your hands.

You don’t have to believe in “The Secret” or “The Power of Thought” or even the idea of ALWAYS being positive to make things work for yourself. You just have to be aware that you always have options and you can choose something other than what you’re doing right now if it’s not working.

Whether it’s trying a different medical treatment, finding a new job, breaking up with someone that hurts you, quitting a habit that’s bad for your health, getting a pet, going to therapy, learning a new skill to increase your value… the list goes on and on and in all different directions.

No one is going to tell you what to do. Even if they do; you’re the one that has to actually do it.

This is a thought process and theory that I really do believe in even if my depression sometimes spirals me into a “everything bad is happening to me” state of mind. That’s just the depression. Another circumstance of life. It’s not me. And whatever your circumstance is; it’s not you.

For now… my choice is to travel. Travel the world! I feel like I can’t write that sentence without an exclamation point.

It’s a new choice and direction I’m taking to steer my life out of a path and position I felt miserable in. A crazy idea? Maybe. But it’s my life and it’s the choice I’m making for it. It’s my attempt at saving myself.

No, I’m not rich. I worked my way into having 99% of my work done from home – from my laptop. Hopefully I can keep all the work I have and continue to grow my workflow while I travel. But who knows? Maybe I’ll have a new situation to save myself from in the near future. For now I’m excited about THIS choice and I’ll deal with whatever comes as it comes.

Do you need to be saved from anything right now?
How do you plan to save yourself?

This is a little Q&A video I did on the topic of traveling the world in case you’re interested:


4 thoughts on “No One Is Going To Save You

  1. You are right we all have choices,I’m glad you have made one that’s going to take you so many wonderful places and meet people from all over.I’ll be waiting for your vlogs even if I don’t get to travel I can share in your journey,Safe travels Denise

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  2. I agree 99.9% with what you have written about. In the past when I mentioned these thoughts to others most said I was negative, which I never believed. You did leave out 3 other points of view I also would have included. # 1 – Many people would have included FAITH, which I totally disagree with, and can’t understand how so called religious people can justify & believe in. # 2 – JEALOUSLY / ENVY. It does exist. Most people want others to fail. It makes them feel better & more successful. # 3 – LUCK. I have been blessed (non-religious use) so many many times with good luck (& I know you have too) that it must be mentioned. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time does affect your life and outcome. I look at others that haven’t had the good luck that we have had & realize that things could have been much, much worst.

    I know this might sound a little odd coming from someone who you never met in person, but I truly get a good feeling seeing you breaking free, taking chances & being so perceptive.
    Hopefully “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve” will never be a part of your life.

    Happy Trails.

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