Don’t Wait

If you want something. If you feel something. If you dream of something… Don’t wait.

Go for it now, plan for it now or tell that someone now. Time goes by faster than you think. Everyone knows this but nobody feels it till it’s too late.

We know it but we still expect tomorrow to come. The warning of time passing by is everywhere but we still procrastinate because there’s always later.

Dramatic but true. And it applies to both simple and complex situations.

The inspiration for this post was based on simple mistakes. I didn’t record a video to post this week, I didn’t write this post early enough today and I didn’t post most of my furniture for sale till tonight (if you don’t know – I’m traveling the world soon).

Simple things. Avoidable things. All the result of time being taken for granted.

Is it even possible to not take time for granted? Sometimes I have days or moments where I know I’m aware of it passing by. Such as when I decided to travel the world. A crazy idea that could go terribly wrong but something I always wanted to do. If not now, then when?

Some people seem to live by this motto better than others. But even the people that “go for it” in life… I wonder how much of this is based on being truly aware of time passing by.

This isn’t revolutionary but I wanted to take a moment to notice time. Notice your time and what you’re doing with it.

Are you happy with how you’re spending your time? Are you putting off anything you want to do or maybe say to someone?

Please do it and please say it now. They may not be here tomorrow. You may not be here tomorrow. Don’t wait.


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